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Rustic Wedding Bouquet


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Weddings, Memorials, and Celebrations

Myrtle & Ivy specializes in custom floral preservation for all occasions.
Erin can turn your special flowers into timeless heirlooms you and your family will enjoy for generations.

Myrtle: Good Luck 
Ivy: Loyalty Forever

It was during the Victorian era that flowers became part of the wedding bouquet. The modern version of the bridal bouquet was popularized by Queen Victoria who, when marrying Prince Albert, carried a tussie-mussie, a tiny round clutch of flowers in a filigree holder filled with moss and orange blossom. 

In Victorian times, lovers often sent different flowers as a way of expressing their love. Each flower had a different meaning, and their exchange soon became popular and was linked to romantic love. Flowers became apart of wedding ceremonies

because of this romantic association. 

Brides carefully chose flowers for the sentiments they represented, and the blooms she carried, became “her flowers” for the rest of her life.

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About the Artist

Hi all! I'm Erin, the maker behind Myrtle and Ivy! I am a native Arkansan living and working in my home studio in North Little Rock. As a creative, I make a myriad of nature inspired artworks under the name @thelichenslore that I sell locally and nationally.

My work with wedding bouquet preservation stemmed naturally from my personal work using preserved wildflowers. I love working with my hands and spend my days exploring the world, collecting natural treasures and creating beautiful artwork. 

It makes my heart so full when making a unique display using flowers from someone's special occasion!

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