The Main Display - Choose One

This display uses the majority of your flowers
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Pressed & Framed

The classic option. Your flowers, pressed and preserved then beautifully arranged and framed in the style of your choice. Main display available in 11"x14", 11"x14" matted in 16"x20" frame, 16"x20". Larger or custom sizes available!

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Resin Hoop

Pressed & Resin

This modern option uses your pressed flowers, arranged and suspended between 4 layers of UV protected resin. This option will preserve the color of the flowers for years and years. Available in 9", 12", or 14" embroidery hoops. 

Shadow Box

Whole Preserved

This option preserves your flowers whole, or 3D. The preserved flowers are then arranged in a shadow box. Some flowers take to this better than others. This option can also be used with years-old air-dried flowers.

Add-on Options

Choose as many of these options as you like!
These can not substitute your main display and are only add-on features. They use extra flowers from your main preservation or different things like a 
boutonnière or corsage.

Add-on Options

Add-on Frame

Smaller Framed

Uses flowers from your main display. Perfect for gift to MOB or MOG. Available in 5"x7", 8"x10, & 11"x14"

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Add-on Hoop

Small Resin Hoop

Smaller resin hoops using flowers from your main display. Perfect for ornaments, as sun-catchers, or gifts to bridesmaids, etc. Available in 3", 4", & 6". 


Glass Sun-catcher

These fun sun-catchers use two pieces of beveled glass to encase your flowers and are soldered together like stained glass. Perfect as gifts or for your kitchen window! Available in 2" or 4". 



Open-back bezel in the style of your choice filled with your flowers and suspended in UV protected resin. Order one for each of your bridesmaids or family members. 


3-tier Earrings

Wear your flowers! Choose between hexagon, teardrop, circle, square or triangle 3-tier drop earrings including select flowers from your main display. 

Bolo Tie - for him/her

Bolo Ties

For men or women! This fun accessory includes your flowers, your choice of braided leather color, and sterling silver tips. Perfect for your groom!

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Tray with handles

Resin Tray

Fun new accessory using your flowers! This tray is 30cm x 19cm with two handles.

*Resin is not food safe. 

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Personalized Ornament


Chose any size add-on hoop and personalize it for the perfect Christmas ornament!

Flower in Dome

Beauty and the Beast

A single flower preserved whole and displayed in a glass dome. This example was made as part of a memorial preservation. 

Boutonniere in Resin

Pressed Boutonniere

Your grooms boutonniere deconstructed and pressed then suspended in resin inside a 6" hoop. 

Boutonniere in Dome

Glass Dome

Your grooms boutonniere preserved whole and displayed in a sealed glass dome. 

Boutonniere in Shadowbox

Shadow Box Boutonniere

Your grooms boutonniere preserved whole and displayed in a shadowbox. 

Corsage in Shadowbox


Corsages preserved whole and displayed in a shadowbox. Perfect for MOB/MOG, prom, or any occasion. 

Small 3D Shadowbox

Small Shadowbox 3D

Select flowers preserved whole and displayed in a small 5"x7" shadow box. This is for whole-preserved flowers only. This example was from a memorial.

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Single Flower Framed - 5"x7"

Individual Framed

A single pressed flower displayed in a small 5"x7" frame. This example was from a memorial series.